User License Service Agreement

Welcome to apply for the service we provide.

The User License Service Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") is jointly concluded by you and the game service provider, and this Agreement has validity of contract. In order to protect your legal rights, please carefully read and fully understand the content of each term before you agree to and accept all the terms of this Agreement, in particular the terms with respect to exemption or limitation of liability, and any separate Agreement to activate or use a certain service. You may be prompted for the terms exempting or limiting liability in bold form.

When you enter the game or click to agree to the privacy policy, you shall be deemed to have read and understood all the contents of the Agreement in detail and agreed to abide by the provisions of the Agreement. You shall have no right to use the game service unless you have read and accepted all the terms of the Agreement. Your use of the game service shall be deemed that you have read and agreed to sign the Agreement.

If you are under the age of 18, please read this Agreement with your legal guardian and pay special attention to the terms of use for minors.

For any changes to the Agreement, you will be notified in the form of a pop-up window. The terms of service shall effectively replace the original terms once announced and users will not be notified separately. If you do not agree to the changes to the terms of service, you should stop using or voluntarily cancel the relevant services, otherwise, any of your login, viewing and other actions to the relevant services will be deemed as your understanding and acceptance of the relevant modified terms. The developer and users agree, understand and abide by the following terms which shall be applicable to and binding on not only the game services but also other related services involving similar and related situations of the developer.

Chapter 1 Definition

Unless otherwise specified, the following terms in the Agreement shall be defined as follows:

1.1 This/The Agreement: refers to the main body, game rules and the modified version of the Agreement. Once officially announced, the above content shall be an integral part of the Agreement.

1.2 Game rules: refer to the user rules, player regulations, game announcements and notices on the game that the game service provider periodically publishes and revises.

1.3 Game service provider: also referred to as we in the Agreement, refers to the individual or company that provides the game and its services to you.

1.4 Game: refers to the general term for games operated by the company, including computer client games, web games, mobile games and other forms of games; games may be provided in the form of software, in which case, the game also includes related software and related documents.

1.5 Game services: refer to all kinds of online operation services related to games provided to you, including but not limited to community services related to games.

1.6 Game components: refer to the content and information contained in and related to the game, such as text, pictures, audio, video, icons, interface design, layout framework, relevant data or electronic documents.

1.7 You: also referred to as "player" or "user", refers to a natural person who is authorized to use products and services provided.

1.8 Game data: refers to all kinds of data recorded by the server during your use of the game, including but not limited to game logs, security logs, etc.

1.9 Illegal top-up: refers to top-up through any top-up channels other than the Google payment channel.

1.10 Virtual items: including but not limited to in-game virtual currency, items, equipment, materials, etc.

1.11 User information: refers to the information you registered in the real-name registration system, the game data under your game account, and other information and data that you provide during the use of game services or that need to be collected based on considerations such as security and user experience optimization .

Chapter 2 Statement of Intellectual Property Rights

2.1 We enjoy the ownership of the game itself and the components of the game (including but not limited to all the elements provided in our game such as UI design, software code, text, software, sound, pictures, etc.) and all related intellectual property rights, except for the rights that the third party right holder should enjoy in accordance with legal provisions or other Agreements.

2.2 When you use the game service, you have the right to delete the game data under the device.

2.3 This Agreement shall not be deemed to license or transfer any rights or benefits related to the game and game components to you.

2.4 You shall use the intellectual property rights enjoyed by third parties that may be involved in games and game components in the manner specified in this Agreement. Infringement of the intellectual property rights enjoyed by any third party only due to your violation of the provisions of this Agreement or other unilateral reasons of you shall be solely assumed by you and compensated for any losses suffered.

2.5 Other information and content that we provide to you first

Chapter 3 Acquisition, Use and Custody of Game Accounts

3.1 Acquisition of game accounts

(1) If you need to use and enjoy games and game services, you must fully agree to the terms of this Agreement, follow relevant laws and regulations, and complete the registration process in accordance with the requirements of the registration page, including but not limited to entering correct basic materials and information. The user promises to register with his real identity, including but not limited to real-name authentication in accordance with the requirements of the game and agreeing to submit the filled information to a third-party organization for verification, and to ensure that the materials and information provided are true, complete and effective. The user shall bear corresponding legal responsibilities for the information provided in accordance with legal provisions and this Agreement.

According to relevant laws and regulations, we shall have the right to require you to provide your real identity information and registration information when you use the game. According to relevant laws and regulations, you are obliged to ensure the authenticity, legality, immediate validity, and accuracy of the information provided, and you are obliged to assume legal responsibility for all the information provided. You shall understand and agree that if you cannot perform the above obligations, we shall have the right to refuse to provide you with all or part of our services and the adverse consequences and any legal responsibilities arising therefrom shall be borne by you.

(2) If you refuse to provide corresponding materials and information as required, or the materials and information provided do not meet the requirements, we shall have the right to refuse to provide relevant services or assume any obligations. If there are any changes to the materials and information you provide, you should update them in time, and we will provide the service in a timely manner. If your valid identity cannot be proved on condition that the game account information is changed but not modified in time, we shall have the right to refuse to provide any information or assume any obligations.

(3) You shall only have the right to use the game account you created, including logging out and deleting it. However, it shall be deemed that you know and agree that you will be responsible for the failure of synchronizing game experience or data or game update and other problems caused.

(4) You shall fully understand and agree that we shall have the right to review whether the identity information provided by your registration is true and effective, and that we shall have the right to take reasonable measures by means of technology and management to ensure the safety and effectiveness of your game account. Your real-name registration information will be used in the anti-addiction system in accordance with relevant requirements, i.e., the information may be applied to judge whether you are over 18 years old so as to decide whether to impose anti-addiction restrictions on your game account.

(5) If you use other people’s information to register and log in to our game or make third-party payments, all legal liabilities arising therefrom shall be borne by you. If we find that the account materials or account information you use belong to someone else, we shall have the right to refuse to provide you with any business. If your identity materials and information are found to have been used to register our game or used without your legal authorization, please contact us in time.

3.2 Use and custody of user accounts

(1) You are obliged to properly keep your game account and related passwords and use your game account and passwords correctly and safely. The game account you register in accordance with this Agreement shall only be used for your personal entertainment or consumption purposes. You have rights and responsibilities in accordance with the law for the behaviors of the game account you hold after logging in. You shall not share the game account with a third party, or transfer the game account to others, or ask for game leveling, etc. If you fail to properly keep your account and password or use your account and password correctly and securely, any legal liability arising from the loss or theft of your account and password and infringement of the civil rights of you and others shall be borne by you.

(2) You should notify us as soon as you know that your account or password has been illegally used, stolen or abnormalities occur, and you have the right to notify us to take measures to suspend the login and use of the game account.

(3) If we need to take measures to suspend the login and use of your user account according to your notice, we shall have the right to ask you to provide and verify the valid personal identification that is identical with your registered identity information. If the valid personal identification provided by you is proven to be identical with the registered identity information, we shall take timely measures to suspend the login and use of the user account. If you do not provide your valid personal identification or the valid personal identification you provide is inconsistent with the registered identity information, we shall have the right to refuse your request to suspend the login and use of the game account.

(4) You shall fully understand and agree that in order to improve the security level of game services, we shall have the right to apply relevant technologies or software to the game, but we do not guarantee that these security assurance measures can completely prevent the risk of game accounts being stolen or lost.

(5) You shall fully understand and agree that if the use of your game account is restricted, frozen or terminated in accordance with relevant business rules, which may result in the deletion of game data and related information under your game account, the loss of related rights and interests arising therefrom shall be borne by yourself, and we do not assume any responsibility for this.

(6) You shall fully understand and agree that we send product promotions, game services or other related business information to you via SMS or other methods. If you want to stop receiving push messages, you can contact us through the contact information published on the official website to inform the cancellation request, and the push will be canceled after verification by the developer.

(7) You shall fully understand and agree that, in order to efficiently use server resources, we shall have the right to, if necessary, with advance notice, delete or dispose the game account and related game data and information if you have not used a game account to log in to the game for a long time. The above disposal may result in the loss of the relevant rights and interests under the game account, and we shall not bear any responsibility for this.

(8) If you provide valid personal identity information consistent with the registered identity information in order to protect your legal rights and interests, we agree to provide you with assistance and support including the account registrant certificate, original registration information, etc. as required by the administrative and judicial authorities and provide relevant evidence and materials to these departments as needed.

Chapter 4 Collection, Use and Protection of User Information

4.1 You shall agree and authorize the collection and use of your user information for the purpose of performing this Agreement. The collection, use, sharing, storage and management of personal information contained in your user information will comply with the uniformly published Privacy Policy and relevant laws and regulations.

4.2 You shall fully understand and agree that If you disclose your property accounts, bank cards, credit cards, and corresponding passwords and other important data and information to others during the use of the game service, any losses incurred therefrom shall be borne by you.

Chapter 5 Game and Game Services

5.1 You can only use game and game services for non-commercial purposes in the following ways:

(1) Receive, download, install, launch, upgrade, log in, display, run and/or take screenshots of the game;

(2) Create game characters, set screen names, check game rules, user personal information, game match results, set game parameters, use the chat feature and social sharing feature, purchase, use, and gift virtual items through legitimate channels in the game, etc.;

(3) Use one or several other features supported and allowed by the game.

Any other form of unauthorized installation, use, access, display, operation and transfer by you will be regarded as a violation of the Agreement.

5.2 You shall not record and spread game content to others in any way without permission, including using any third-party software for network distribution.

5.3 In the case of software provided, you shall also comply with the provisions of this Agreement on software download and installation when using the game and services.

5.4 If we find or receive a report or complaint from others that you have violated this Agreement, we shall have the right to delete the relevant content at any time without notice, and depending on the behavior we will implement punishment, including but not limited to warning, restricting or prohibiting the use of all or part of the features, banning even canceling the game account, and the results will be announced.

5.5 You shall fully understand and agree that we shall have the right to penalize violations of relevant laws and regulations or the provisions of this Agreement based on reasonable judgments, take appropriate legal actions against any user who violates laws and regulations, and save relevant information in accordance with laws and regulations to report to relevant departments, etc. All the legal responsibilities arising therefrom shall be borne by the user.

5.6 You shall fully understand and agree that you shall be solely responsible for any claims, demands or losses claimed by a third party due to your violation of the provisions of this Agreement or related terms of service, and you shall also be liable for any losses incurred accordingly.

5.7 You shall fully understand and agree that virtual items are part of the game service, and you are hereby permitted to obtain the right to use them in accordance with this Agreement. Your purchase and use of virtual items shall comply with the requirements of this Agreement and the specific rules of the game; at the same time, virtual items may be restricted by a certain period of validity. If you do not use them within the specified period of validity, except for force majeure or attributable reasons, they will automatically become invalid once the validity period expires.

5.8 You shall fully understand and agree that in order to create a fair and healthy gaming environment, we shall have the right to know the information of your relevant terminal equipment by technical means during your use of the game service. Once any unauthorized procedures that endanger the normal operation of the game service are discovered, all relevant information will be collected and reasonable measures will be taken against them.

5.9 You shall fully understand and agree that when you use the charging feature of the game, you shall pay the corresponding fees in accordance with the requirements. Moreover, these rights belong to the business autonomy, which means that we reserve the right to change the business model at any time, i.e. the right to change the charging rate standard, the charging software features, the charging object and the charging time. At the same time, we also reserve the right to upgrade, revise, add, delete, modify, change the features or rules of the game. If you do not accept such changes, you shall immediately stop using the application; and your continued use of the application is deemed to be your acceptance of the changed business model.

5.10 You shall fully understand and agree that in order to ensure the game speed of you and other users, we shall have the right to regularly transfer or clear some past game data stored on the game server.

5.11 You shall fully understand and agree that the game service you are using involves Internet services and may be affected by unstable factors in all aspects of the Internet. Therefore, this game service has the risk of service interruption or failure to meet user requirements caused by force majeure, virus or hacker attacks, system instability, user location, user shutdown, and any other technology, Internet, communication line, etc.

In view of this, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable laws, we do not guarantee that the provided game services will definitely meet your requirements, nor that the provided game services will not be interrupted, and the timeliness and safety of the game services, the occurrence of errors and whether the information can be accurately, timely, and smoothly transmitted will not be guaranteed.

5.12 You shall fully understand and agree that when using the game service, there are risks of anonymous or fake information about threats, defamatory, offensive or illegal content or behavior from any other person or infringement of the rights of others (including intellectual property rights), and the above risks shall be borne by you. We do not make any guarantee for the game service, whether explicit or implicit, including all relevant information about the authenticity, merchantability, suitability for a specific purpose, ownership and non-infringing implied warranties and conditions. For any direct, indirect, incidental, special and subsequent damages caused by your improper or illegal use of the service, we shall not bear any responsibilities.

5.13 You shall fully understand and pay attention to the following content:

(1) The application may be updated periodically through the release of software upgrade packages or software patches, online upgrades, etc. During the update process, your personal information about the game's client software version and other information may be retrieved and collected, and will be automatically replaced, modified, deleted and/or supplemented. This kind of behavior is a necessary operation or step for software update. If you do not agree to this kind of operation, please do not update; your use of the updates is deemed to be your agreement to this kind of operation.

(2) For games, some updates refer to the update of software version. If you do not perform such updates, you will not be able to log in to the application. Moreover, this kind of update will cause the original software version on the terminal you are using to be completely replaced by the new software version.

(3) The measures taken due to the users behavior in violation of this Agreement or laws and regulations may cause invalidation of the virtual items under your current game account for their service life is covered by the period when certain measures are taken, and the loss arising therefrom shall be borne by you. Namely, the duration of the above measures is calculated in the service life of the virtual items; and after the implementation of these measures is terminated, the service life of the virtual items will not recover accordingly.

5.14 Instructions such as game rules, BUG (also known as loopholes, defects, etc.) or plug-in complaints, game item retrieval, game item lock or customer services such as unlocking, account appeals, etc. may be provided through the official website of the application, the customer service phone, the game administrator, or other channels, which shall be based on the following prerequisites:

(1) You have understood the content, requirements and tariffs of these customer services through the official customer service website or other channels provided, carefully chosen whether you need to enjoy the corresponding customer services, and truly and accurately expressed your needs.

(2) You have agreed and accepted the special agreements or terms regarding such customer services.

(3) You have truthfully provide, in accordance with the requirements of customer service, your relevant personal information and game situation, as well as the situation of other users or the online game itself that you know, such as your account and related personal data, login status of the online game and the situation of game items, the BUG (also known as loopholes, defects, etc.) in the application, plug-ins and other players who you found to have used BUG (also known as loopholes, defects, etc.) or plug-ins.

5.15 We shall have the right to stop or interrupt the service provided by the game server, and we will not be liable to the user or the third party for any inconvenience or damage caused thereby when one of the following situations occurs:

(1) Regular inspection or construction, software and hardware update, etc. We shall have the right to suspend the service, but the maintenance and update work will be completed as soon as possible;

(2) The server is damaged and cannot operate normally;

(3) Sudden failure of software and hardware equipment and electronic communication equipment;

(4) Failure of the network provider line or something else;

(5) To maintain national security or the personal safety of other users and third parties in an emergency;

(6) Force majeure and other third-party reasons.

5.16 In accordance with relevant laws and regulations and the provisions of this Agreement, effective measures shall be taken to protect the legitimate rights and interests of minors in the process of using game services, including possible technical measures, prohibiting minors from contacting inappropriate games or game features, limiting the playing time of minors and preventing minors from indulging in the Internet. As part of the game rules, user guidelines and warning instructions will also be released in appropriate places, including game content introduction, methods to use the game correctly, and methods to prevent harm. All minor users shall carefully read and follow these guidelines and instructions under the guidance of their legal guardians; other players shall avoid publishing or generating any content that harms the physical and mental health of minors while using the game services, and jointly create a healthy gaming environment.

Chapter 6 User Code of Conduct

6.1 You shall fully understand and agree that you must be responsible for all behaviors under your game account, including any content you publish and any consequences arising therefrom. You shall make your own judgment on the content of the game and assume all risks arising from the use of the game services, including the risks arising from the reliance on the correctness, completeness or practicality of the game content. The game cannot and will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by the aforementioned risks.

6.2 In addition to using the game services in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement, you shall not engage in any behaviors that infringes on the intellectual property rights related to the game and game components, or conduct other behaviors that damage the legitimate rights and interests of third parties.

6.3 Unless permitted by law or written permission, you shall not perform behaviors including but not limited to the following when using game services:

(1) Deleting all copyright information and content on the game and other copies;

(2) Reverse engineering, reverse compiling, reverse decoding or trying to find the source code of the software, and using or disclosing such source code to any third party;

(3) Scanning, probing, and testing the game software to detect, discover, and search for possible BUG (also known as loopholes, defects, etc.) or weaknesses;

(4) Copying, modifying, adding, deleting, hooking or creating any derivative works of the data released into the terminal memory of the game software or during the operation of the game software, the interaction data between the client and the server during the operation of the software, and the system data necessary for the operation of the software in the forms including but not limited to using add-ins, plug-ins or third-party tools/services that are not legally authorized to access the software and related systems;

(5) Modifying or forging the instructions and data in the operation of the software; adding, deleting, changing the features or operating effects of the software; or operating or spreading the software and methods used for the above-mentioned purposes to the public, regardless of whether the above-mentioned behaviors are out of commercial purposes;

(6) Using the game and game services through non-developed and unauthorized third-party software, add-ins, plug-ins, and systems, or make, publish, and spreading non-developed and unauthorized third-party software, add-ins, plug-ins, and systems;

(7) Using, renting, lending, copying, modifying, linking, reprinting, compiling, releasing, publishing, establishing mirror sites of, or taking web page (network) snapshots of content with intellectual property rights in the game; or providing others with services that are identical or similar to game services by setting up a server;

(8) Separating any part of the game and using it alone, or using it for other purposes that do not comply with this Agreement;

(9) Using the game's name, trademark or other intellectual property rights in a way that does not comply with the provisions of this Agreement;

(10) Other behaviors without explicit authorization.

6.4 If you have the following behaviors during the use of game services, you will be temporarily or permanently prohibited from logging in, and your game account and game data, and related information will be deleted, depending on the severity of the circumstances and in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement and relevant game rules. If the circumstances are serious, you will be transferred to the relevant administrative authority for administrative punishment or investigated for criminal responsibility:

(1) Using the game and services to publish, transmit, spread, store content that endangers national security, the unification of the motherland, and social stability, or content including insult and slander, pornography, violence, and that causes unrest or violates social morality, and any content that violates laws, regulations and policies; or setting up a screen name, role name, etc. containing the above contents.

(2) Using the game and services to publish, transmit, spread, and store content that infringes other people's intellectual property rights, trade secret rights, portrait rights, privacy, and other legal rights.

(3) Conducting any behavior that endangers network security, including but not limited to: using unauthorized data or accessing unauthorized servers/accounts; accessing public networks or other people’s terminal systems without permission and deleting, modifying, or adding storage information; unauthorized attempts to detect, scan, and test the weaknesses of the "software" system or network or other behaviors that undermine network security; attempts to interfere with, disrupt the normal operation of the "software" system or website, deliberately spreading malicious programs or viruses; other behaviors of disrupting and interfering with normal network information services; and forging (part of) the name of a data packet.

(4) Conducting any behavior that disrupts the fairness of game services or other effects that affect the normal order of the game, such as active or passive scoring, cheating in partnership, using plug-ins or other cheating software, exploiting BUG (also called "loopholes" or "defects", etc.) to obtain illegitimate and illegal benefits, or exposing plug-ins, cheating software, or BUG to the public via the Internet or by other means.

(5) Using the game to conduct any commercial activities such as advertising, selling products, or any illegal behavior that violates interests, such as selling game accounts, selling virtual items or information in the game, illegal recharging, hiring others to provide in-game services, and paying remuneration outside the game, such as "payment" and "power leveling" services for the purpose of profit, trading "virtual vouchers" for the purpose of profit, or providing intermediary services and spreading advertisements, etc. Once discovered, we shall have the right to suspend the user account, the right to determine the time limit for the suspension depending on the degree of influence caused, and the right to recover and delete all your abnormally acquired data.

(6) Pretending to be the game service administrator or game forum administrator and moderator to publish any fraudulent or false information.

(7) All kinds of illegal plug-in behaviors.

(8) Stealing other people's game accounts and game items.

(9) Privately conducting game account transactions, and privately conducting transactions such as game items, game equipment, game coins, etc.

(10) Taking advantage of possible technical defects or loopholes in the online game system to profit themselves and others in various forms.

(11) Utilizing all or part of the data and information generated during the use of various paid or free games provided and stored in the game to profit themselves and others in various forms.

(12) Publicizing content such as plug-ins, private servers, power leveling, currency swaps, and Trojan horses, or spreading the the content above publicly.

(13) Unauthorized use of the provided products and services to make profits in reality, and other misconducts that are widely recognized in the industry, regardless of whether they have been explicitly listed in this Agreement.

6.5 In addition to the use methods specified in this Agreement, without permission, you shall not conduct any of the following behaviors and if you want to perform any of them, please contact us and sign an electronic or paper Agreement with us upon request:

(1) Modifying, copying, distributing, renting, publishing, translating, compiling, adapting, and/or reproducing the game or its various derivative works, or making it public through the Internet or by other means.

(2) The production, wholesale, sale, publication and/or distribution of derivatives of the game adaptation.

(3) Providing services such as testing, BUG (also known as "loopholes" or "defects", etc.) and plug-in tracking reports, writing and promotion of advertising articles, and collecting competitive intelligence for the game.

(4) Using the name, trademark, etc. of the game.

(5) Conducting other behaviors related to game services other than the above behaviors that require the developer's agreement.

6.6 If the user violates this Agreement or relevant laws and regulations, we shall have the right to take one or more of the following measures:

(1) Immediately disconnecting the network connection between the terminal you are currently using and the application server, and you must log in again to continue using the application.

(2) Temporarily prohibiting you from logging in to online games with the account you are currently using.

(3) Temporarily prohibiting you from using a certain feature of the application that requires payment until the day you pay the fees you owe and pay the corresponding fees in advance for the continued use of the above-mentioned payment features.

(4) Reducing or clearing the points, level and/or honor of the account you are currently using in the application.

(5) Temporarily prohibiting you from making any comments in online games by virtue of the account you are currently using.

(6) Permanently and irrevocably deleting the advertisements, false information or illegal speeches you published, or taking other measures to prevent their spread.

(7) Permanently and irrevocably deleting game items such as virtual currency, game items and/or game equipment that you have illegally obtained, or returning them to other users who have obtained their use rights through legal means.

(8) Permanently and irrevocably canceling or clearing your illegally obtained points, grades and/or honors.

(9) Permanently and irrevocably prohibiting you from making any comments in the application with the account you are currently using.

(10) Permanently and irrevocably deleting all game items, game equipment, game coins, points, levels, honors and other information and corresponding game data under your current account.

(11) Permanently and irrevocably prohibiting you from logging in to the application with the account you are currently using, and deleting and clearing all data, game coins, items, equipment and other information generated by the account in the application.

(12) Taking measures other than those listed above.

One or more of the aforementioned measures may be taken continuously, intermittently, or alternately.

If the same user has any account or role that violates this Agreement and other relevant regulations, we shall have the right to impose sanctions on all accounts and roles under the user, including but not limited to suspension, termination, and deletion of all accounts under the user.

Chapter 7 Software Download and Installation

7.1 The use of game services may require the download and installation of relevant software. You can obtain the software directly from the relevant website or from an authorized third party. If you obtain a game or a game with the same name from an unauthorized third party, it will be deemed that you have not obtained the authorization, and there is no guarantee that the game can be used normally, and we shall not be responsible for the losses caused thereby.

7.2 Different software versions may be developed for different terminal devices or operating systems, including but not limited to Windows, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian, Blackberry and other application versions. You shall choose to download the appropriate version according to the actual situation. After installing and downloading the program, you shall follow the steps prompted by the program to install it correctly.

7.3 Other games and safety services are not provided. In the process of software installation, you may be recommended to install other software, and you can choose to install it or not.

7.4 If you no longer need to use the software or need to install a new version, you can uninstall it by yourself. If you are willing to help improve the product and service, please inform the reason for the uninstallation.

7.5 In order to ensure the security of the game services and the consistency of the features, we shall have the right to update the software without special notice to you, or to change or restrict some of the software's functional effects.

7.6 After the new version of the software is released, the old version of the software may not be available, and there is no guarantee that the old version of the software and the corresponding customer service will continue to be available. Please check and download the latest version at any time.

Chapter 8 Disclaimer

8.1 The game and game services are subject to the actual situation and version provided to you. We shall not guarantee that the game and game service will be error-free and uninterrupted; that all defects have been corrected; or that the game and game services will not be damaged by viruses or any other factors. Unless specified by law, we hereby explicitly disclaims any explicit or implied guarantee responsibility, including but not limited to the guarantee on the performance, applicability or non-infringement of the game and game services.

8.2 Under no circumstances shall we be liable for any losses incurred by you during the use of the game and game services due to force majeure. Such force majeure events include, but are not limited to, national laws, regulations, policies, orders of state agencies, or other unpredictable, inevitable and insurmountable events such as earthquakes, fires, snow disasters, fires, tsunamis, typhoons, strikes, wars, etc.

8.3 We shall independently decide to change, terminate, or suspend your use of any game and game services at any time based on the materials or information proved or possessed, without any advance notice to you, except for the situations requiring advance notice in accordance with laws and regulations, provisions of this Agreement or your Agreement. If your behavior violates the provisions of laws and regulations or the provisions of this Agreement, we shall terminate or suspend your use of any game and game services in accordance with relevant regulations, and we shall not bear any responsibility and have the right to require you to bear corresponding responsibilities.

8.4 Your account data of game characters, game items, game equipment and game currency may be abnormal due to game software BUG (also known as loopholes, defects, etc.), version update defects, third-party virus attacks, Internet connections or any other factors. Before the cause of the data abnormality is found, we shall have the right to temporarily freeze the game account; and if the data abnormality is found to be an abnormal game behavior, we shall have the right to restore the game account data to the original state prior to the abnormality (including recovery from a third party) and we shall not assume any responsibility to you.

8.5 You are not authorized to obtain game accounts, game items, game equipment, game coins, etc. from any third party through purchase, acceptance of gifts, or in other ways, and we shall not be responsible for third-party transactions, and will not accept any appeal due to disputes arising from third-party transactions.

8.6 You shall fully understand that the advertisements, links or other forms of promotional content placed by third parties in the game are provided by themselves, and you shall judge their authenticity by yourself. We shall not make any explicit or implied guarantee on their promotional content. For the services or goods purchased by you through the website or the linked websites, the transaction behavior only exists between you and the provider of the goods or services, and it has nothing to do with us. We shall not bear any legal liability arising therefrom between you and the provider of the goods or services. You shall agree and understand that if you use third-party payment in the game, you shall carefully read and accept the third-party privacy policy and user Agreement, and accept the third-party payment risk assessment for accounts, network environment, etc. If you think these operations are harmful to you, please apply them with caution. If you insist on applying them, you shall be aware of and bear all the consequences caused thereby.

8.7 You shall fully understand that there is an objective situation of non-interoperability between different operating systems and this objective situation is not caused by us, which may cause your recharge and game data in one operating system not to be smoothly transferred to another operating system. The risk of recharge loss and game data loss caused by your switching between different systems shall be borne by you, and we shall not be required to bear any responsibility.

8.8 You shall fully understand that there may be a mandatory battle area or gameplay in the game. If you do not agree to a forced battle, please do not enter the game or game area. Your entry will be deemed that you agree to the gameplay and accept the corresponding consequences.

Chapter 9 Privacy Policy

9.1 Reasonable measures will be taken to protect users' personal privacy information. Unless otherwise agreed in this Agreement, the game services will follow the uniformly published Privacy Policy.

Chapter 10 Legal Supervision

10.1 When using the game services, you shall abide by relevant local laws and regulations, and respect local ethics and customs. If your behavior violates local laws, regulations or ethical customs, you shall be solely responsible for this.

10.2 You shall avoid being involved in political and public events due to the use of game services, otherwise we shall have the right to suspend or terminate your services.

Chapter 11 Jurisdiction and Application of Law

11.1 You shall agree that all matters related to this Agreement, including all disputes, are subject to the jurisdiction of the court where the company is located.

11.2 This Agreement applies to the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China (excluding conflict of laws) without regard to any conflict of laws provisions.

11.3 In the event of a dispute arising from the performance of this Agreement or related to this Agreement, both parties shall first resolve the dispute through friendly negotiation. If negotiation fails, either party may bring a suit in a court with jurisdiction.

11.4 The headings of all terms in this Agreement are for reading convenience only, and they have no actual meaning and cannot be used as the basis for the interpretation of the meaning of this Agreement.

11.5 If the terms of this Agreement are partially invalid for any reason, the remaining terms shall still be valid and binding on all parties.

Chapter 12 Miscellaneous

12.1 In accordance with the advice of the General Administration of Press and Publication on healthy games, we remind you to: resist bad games and refuse pirated games; pay attention to self-protection and beware of being deceived; moderate games benefit your brain, and indulge in games can hurt your body.

12.2 If you have comments or suggestions about this Agreement or game services, you can contact the customer service department, and we will provide you with necessary help.

Effective date: April 6, 2021